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What Are The Best SIP Plans In SBI ?

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SIP means Systematic Investment Plan and therefore it is one of the ways to invest money with profitable returns. It’s been a  decade that people have now realized how powerful tool SIP. Indian Banks and Financial Services have now made different kinds of SIP available for the common population and you can browse through the best sip plans in sbi .

SIP plans are flexible and you can even invest at bare minimum rate of  Rs 500 which can be monthly or yearly depending on the sum to be invested.

4 Best Sip Plans In SBI

SBI Blue Chip

SBI Blue Chip is a very common mutual funds scheme among the public and perhaps it is the biggest mutual funds that have assets value of 23,000 crores. This scheme is highly rated by the Crisil and has continued to occupy the spot. Customers can invest for either 3 or 5 years plan depending on the requirement of the users, while the 3-year plan has a return rates of 8-9 % and the 5-year plan has a return rate of 11-14%.

SBI Hybrid Equity Fund

This mutual fund is one of the best sip plans in sbi and its performance is very good when compared to other SIP plans. It had a return value of 16 % when the plan was launched but the return rates are still high with 11% for 3 years plan and 13% for a 5-year plan.

SBI Contra Fund

The SBI Contra Fund is a very exciting mutual fund because it is very diverse as and mainly invests in stocks that aren’t performing well or which have lost preference over time. The return rates for this mutual fund are almost 7 % and when compared to the funds in this category it is actually performing better than most of the mutual funds.

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund has been constantly topping the charts as it one of the most trusted mutual funds among the citizens and bureaucrats. It comes with a return rate fo 11 %  for 5 years but this mutual fund comes with a little bit of risk too as midcap funs can become volatile and underperforming. It is advisable to choose what kind of investment you require before investing in mutual funds.


The  above plans are the best sip plans in sbi that you can invest right but it is important to study the market before making the final call.

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